Are You Afraid? Me too

People start network marketing ventures every day, and join their new businesses with all the verve of a quarter horse bounding around in the starting blocks. Why, then, do most people never achieve their goals? Well, there are many answers to that question, but one – most certainly – is fear.

What, exactly, do we fear? Again, probably lots of answers.
Yesterday morning the family and I drove to a small street fair in our local town green. My youngest daughter was to play “The Bells of Great Britain” on piano, from the gazebo, as part of an expo her music school was performing.

As we waited Cassidy’s turn, an eleven-year-old girl took the stage first with an electric guitar, accompanied by her teacher on the bass. The adult audience of maybe 20 to 30, mostly passers by who stopped out of curiosity, looked on as this little girl started a slow, melodic, Metallica riff.

As she stared at the strings, never looking up, her tiny chest heaving, it became apparent to me that this little girl may hyperventilate. Suddenly she just stopped playing. She glanced at the teacher, then back down at the guitar. Silence. A sympathetic ovation rose from the crowd – our hearts breaking – as though we could will her the strength to keep going.

She started over. Red faced, but determined, she played again. Still staring down at the strings, tears rolled down her cheeks and onto the electric guitar but the music got stronger. She was amazing!

The girl came down the stairs of that big round gazebo to a “relieved” ovation by people who were more impressed by the courage than the actual performance which, again, was great. I couldn’t stop thinking about that little girl’s self-induced fear and how badly every single person there wanted her to succeed.

Maybe its time to think about how this might apply to you. Maybe you should push through your silly fear too, and maybe you too can experience the thrill of that ovation which is certain to follow.

Incidentally, my daughter was up next and was also nervous.
She was flawless, but she’s not the star of this story. <smile>

Thoughts on Inspiration (and Kool Aid)

When you root for a favorite sports team, what exactly are you rooting for?
I’ve been doing a lot of pondering on the topic lately. We would laugh at somebody who likes a team because of its colors, or the team logo. But don’t most of us do that?
The question I’d like you to ponder is; what is it about “your team” that you actually love? Do you root for certain players, or coaches, or owners, or do you really just root for the colors?
I was cursed to become a fan of the New York Jets while a first-grader back in 1971. What drew me in? Yep, Joe Namath. I loved Broadway Joe and wanted to be just like him. I watched every Jets’ game, knew everything about every player on the roster, and drew #12 on all my tee shirts with magic marker. (No, I didn’t put on panty hose).
In 1977, my world came to a screeching halt when – just two months before my 13th birthday – Joe Namath was traded to the LA Rams. Say it ain’t so, Joe!
NFL varsity jackets were all the rage and I was in line to get my first one for that special “teen” birthday. My parents spent hours trying to talk me out of my new wish . . . a Rams’ jacket! If Joe was a Ram, then so was Tommy.
As it turned out, Namath only played four games for the Rams before his knees did him in one last time. And back to the Jets I went crawling, stupid Rams jacket and all.
In baseball I was a Cincinnati Reds fan and my favorite player was #15, George Foster. I wore #15 in every team sport I’ve ever played – even until this day. And when George Foster became a New York Met . . . so did I.
So here I sit as a Jets, Mets, and Knicks fan and at age 50, I can’t stand the ownership, and I can count their combined championships on one hand. Ouch.
Hold up, Tommy.
Isn’t this a “network marketing” blog?
So how did you come to join your current network marketing company?
Was it the products? Was it the ownership? How about the logo? Or maybe it was the players?
Maybe you looked into somebody’s eyes and believed in the dream your sponsor was sharing. Maybe you said, “That (person) knows where he/she is going, and I want to be around that fire.”
I’ve always dreamt of being in just one network marketing company for my whole life but that dream betrayed me when my first company went out of business. Then I was faced with the reality that you don’t win a championship with just any team. Like in sports, timing and circumstances mean everything.
Do you actually believe in your owner who keeps promising “we’ll turn this around” year after year after year after year? It’s called blind loyalty and can lead to a lot of heartbreak.
Trust me on that one. I’ve been saying “wait until next year” in sports and in network marketing for a long time.
Is rooting for a losing sports team the same thing as staying with a network marketing company where you’re not winning?   While clearly similar; sports are still sports. Your business is far more important. I’ve loved my sports teams all my life and always thought they would win. Had I bet on the games, I’d be broke.
Ironically, had I stayed with my instincts in 1977 (and the Rams) I would have seen my team play in three Super Bowls. Instead, I’ve seen zero.
So beit. I’ll stick with my sports teams forever. I’m loyal (though I’m not entirely sure why).
In business, though, I’m going to find me a winner.
Wait til next year!
No, seriously.

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